Kelly Dwyer is a writer, mother and instructional designer who lives in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Kelly has been writing speculative fiction since 2008. She was first published by Abyss and Apex online magazine in 2010 and has had stories published with Escape Collective Publishing, Trysts of Fate and the Outliers of Speculative Fiction.

Though born and raised in Northern Virginia, Kelly spent several years working on Wall Street in international financial compliance training in New York City after graduating from NYU. She married her college sweetheart, Patrick, and had a brief stop over in Minnesota to obtain an M.Ed., before returning to Northern Virginia with their first son, born in 2007. Shortly after her second son was born in the spring on 2012, Kelly and Patrick packed everyone up and relocated to Silicon Valley, CA. They lasted only 2 years before moving back to NoVA after Patrick was nearly killed by a car while riding his bike home from work.

Having taken several years off of writing to focus on family and health and Patrick’s recovery, Kelly returned to writing, submitting and publishing short fiction in 2015. Now that her children are older and in school, Kelly is continuing to write and market several novels as well as short fiction, with a focus on cyberpunk, dystopian YA, and paranormal romance.

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