Month: October 2011

Literature of recognition versus estrangement, China MiƩville

From Sarah Crown and the Guardian, one of the more interesting perspectives on SF/F’s exclusion from major literary prizes. MiĆ©ville has spoken on this topic before, but this is one of his clearest descriptions of how muddied and messy the lines can be between defined genres.

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The one you can’t get out of your head

I’ve been working on a novel for several years now. My writing process has been filled with fits and spurts of frantic production, and periods of rejecting the project all together (sometimes for more than a year). I’ve often referred to this novel as the project that I get to make all my mistakes on […]

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Corpus Pretereo on sale now

It’s available! Escape Collective Publishing has released it’s first anthology, Corpus Pretereo, this week for the Kindle. Click through to to purchase the anthology and it’s collection of fascinating short stories exploring the idea of “Escape the Body,” including my own “Curl of the Wave.” The Nook version will be available within the week. […]

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