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Category: Interesting Industry Tidbits

Literature of recognition versus estrangement, China Miéville

From Sarah Crown and the Guardian, one of the more interesting perspectives on SF/F’s exclusion from major literary prizes. Miéville has spoken on this topic before, but this is one of his clearest descriptions of how muddied and messy the lines can be between defined genres.

Fo shizzle

For all your gangsta typesetting needs. So funny!

The way it all works, part 2: Insight into the publishing process from Charles Stross

A insightful look into the publication process from start to finish from Charles Stross. Check out his CMAP #1, and CMAP #2 posts as well. Helpful and sarcastic – just the way I like my data dumps.

Common Misconceptions about Publishing #2: How Books Are Made

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