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Sunlight, published by Abyss and Apex, included in the Best of Abyss and Apex, Volume 2.

Short Fiction

  • UpcomingMy Face to the Sun, to be published by Lackington’s Magazine online in November 2021
  • A Speck in the Sky, published in Outliers of Speculative Fiction, Volume 2 anthology, 2016, Edited by L.A. Little. Available for purchase as an eBook and in print.
  • Somewhere In Between, published in the August 2016 edition of Trysts of Fate magazine, Edited by L.A. Story Sikora, published by Alban Lake Publishing. Available for purchase as an eBook and in print.
  • Liminal Hill, published in Outliers of Speculative Fiction anthology, 2015, Edited by L.A. Little. Available for purchase as an eBook and in print.
  • Curl of the Wave, published in Corpus Pretereo anthology, October 2011, Edited by Alexandra J. Ash and Patrick Jennings-Mapp, published by Escape Collective Publishing.
  • Sunlight, published in Abyss and Apex, Issue 36: 4th Quarter 2010, Edited by Wendy Delmater. Available free online.

Non Fiction

Dwyer, Kelly E. “How can technology help bridge the cultural divide? A look at enterprise learning technology and its role in global business.” 30th Annual Proceedings: Selected Research and Development Papers Presented at the 2007 Annual Convention of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. Ed. Michael Simonson. Anaheim, CA: AECT Publications, 2007. Print.


Sam Tomaino of SFRevu, October 25, 2010, reviewing Abyss & Apex Issue 36: 4th Quarter 2010:

“The issue begins with “Sunlight” by Kelly Dwyer, a story that opens with a boy named Holman in a schoolyard saying he knows someone who has steel balls. When Leo challenges that claim, he is caught by a schoolteacher. His parents insist that he visit the man in question, a war hero named Mr. Raymond and apologize. Leo does and finds out the truth of the matter. More important he makes friends with the man and his robotic helper. This all made for a very touching story that I enjoyed thoroughly.”