My first two reviews…and one of them is quite nice!

I’m flying high today, rediscovering motivation that helps me find the time to write amidst chaos and upheaval, thanks in part to discovering that Locus and SFRevu recently published reviews of Sunlight!

Sam Tomaino from SFRevu posted a lovely review back at the end of October. “A very touching story…” Hooray!

Lois Tilton from Locus Online had an interesting, if direct, observation about the story. “A warmhearted, obvious sort of YA story. I was annoyed more than interested by the prosthetic mechanics that so obviously needed a friend to keep them maintained.”

I appreciated the fact that she read the story and understood the heart of it was in the relationship between Leo and Ray. I didn’t think it was particularly unrealistic to show that the implementation of first generation technology (like battle-ready prosthetics) is often poorly designed, not very well conceived for long term care and maintenance. Or that an old veteran might be forgotten and unable to help himself.

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  • cindy

    For the second review, as someone with experience using “pull” quotes you got one: “A warmhearted…story.” _grin_

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