I think I may have scared the boys a bit this morning. There might have been an excessive amount of manic whooping and hollering and small children swung up in the air around the living room in my arms before the hour of 7:30 am. Which, the boys would be certain to assure you, is not the usual activity level that I reach prior to, say, around 10:00 am most days. They have informed me that they feel quite lucky if I ooze my grumbling, surly sugar-deprived lump of flesh out of bed and manage to cuss at the tea pot rather than at them. Lucky mornings seem to be rarities. But this morning was quite a lovely surprise.

I’ve earned an Honorable Mention in The Year’s Best Science Fiction #28 anthology, edited by the legendary Gardner Dozois, for my short story “Sunlight,” published originally by Abyss and Apex. The anthology includes 33 short stories selected for publication, and then a list of around 300 or so stories published in 2010 that earned Honorable Mentions. My friend, Alan Smale, also earned two nominations for stories last year. The list includes Elizabeth Bear, Orson Scott Card, Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaiman, William Gibson, Kij Johnson, George R. R. Martin, Cat Rambo, Alastair Reynolds, John Scalzi, Michael Swanwick, Vernor Vinge and Gene Wolfe. I’m a bit star struck, and rather delighted, I must admit.

The book will be available for purchase on July 5th, and you can even go to Amazon now and look inside the book for my name (not the full story though; for that you need to hop over to Abyss and Apex). Yup, I promise. It’s really there.

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