Appropriate timing: The way it all works, by William Gibson

I have several times contemplated joining Twitter just so I could ask William Gibson (profile: GreatDismal) the very same question (his answer is in brackets, and no, I am not enygma9890). It’s an appropriately timed exchange though, since I am taking a short break from preparing my third short story for submission this evening. A pristine printed 9×12″ envelope stands ready to ferry my 27 page manuscript, accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope, of course, to the halls of a venerable and highly reputed SF magazine. Wish me luck!

GreatDismal: RT @enygma9890: @GreatDismal: Any advice for the novice author whose found significant inspiration in your work? [Write. Finish. Submit.]

GreatDismal: @enygma9890 Resubmit, on rejection, while writing and finishing next piece. Rinse. repeat.

GreatDismal: Unless all 3 of WriteFinishSubmit are practiced, there is 0 chance of anythingthing happening.

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