And let us never speak of it again

Among the things that will be banished from memory upon the falling temperatures and impending arrival of fall will be:

  • Tree falling on roof and smashing large hole in said roof
  • Rain entering attic through hole from tree and soaking into insulation
  • Bedroom ceiling collapsing and spreading sopping wet insulation and fiberglass over bed, bedding, closet, etc.
  • Tree impaling car with massive body damage
  • Car taking 4 weeks to be fixed
  • LARGE insurance deductibles
  • 18 year old uninsured, unlicensed driver going through a red light and sideswiping my son and I in our rental car
  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Virginia heat and humidity
  • Stray cats who think my front garden is a litter box
  • Missing Uncle Orson’s Boot Camp
  • And now, let us never speak of this summer again. Onwards to Fall! To school, to writing time, to chilly noses, to the aroma of cinnamon and apple, to pumpkin pies and scarves.

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  • Natalie

    Thank you for providing me justification for all the cute clothes in fall colors I purchased today. 🙂

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