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Month: March 2010

The way it all works, part 2: Insight into the publishing process from Charles Stross

A insightful look into the publication process from start to finish from Charles Stross. Check out his CMAP #1, and CMAP #2 posts as well. Helpful and sarcastic – just the way I like my data dumps.

Common Misconceptions about Publishing #2: How Books Are Made

Appropriate timing: The way it all works, by William Gibson

I have several times contemplated joining Twitter just so I could ask William Gibson (profile: GreatDismal) the very same question (his answer is in brackets, and no, I am not enygma9890). It’s an appropriately timed exchange though, since I am taking a short break from preparing my third short story for submission this evening. A pristine printed 9×12″ envelope stands ready to ferry my 27 page manuscript, accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope, of course, to the halls of a venerable and highly reputed SF magazine. Wish me luck!

GreatDismal: RT @enygma9890: @GreatDismal: Any advice for the novice author whose found significant inspiration in your work? [Write. Finish. Submit.]

GreatDismal: @enygma9890 Resubmit, on rejection, while writing and finishing next piece. Rinse. repeat.

GreatDismal: Unless all 3 of WriteFinishSubmit are practiced, there is 0 chance of anythingthing happening.

Quote: William Gibson

The right measure of frank peculiarity, the unexpected, makes any fictional character or cover-story feel instantly more real. –William Gibson

First Sale!

I will officially be a published author as of Q4 2010! It’s surreal to think that the very first short story that I ever wrote was accepted by the very first magazine I ever submitted it to. I’ll update the bibliography section and post more details once I’m under contract with the fantastically amazing speculative fiction online magazine that will be hosting the story.


Taking the plunge and finally taking my personal blog offline in favor of a professional presence on Digilutionary hurt a little more than I thought it would. For some time now, I’d been feeling the ticklings of worry, those tiny thoughts that filter into your daily web surfing about someone, somewhere out there taking advantage of all of the rich amount of data about our lives that I’d shared on Digilutionary. Having been an active blogger since 1998, I was sad to see the accumulated posts and comments just wiped away off the server after so long (don’t worry – I’m a strong believer in redundant backup solutions). They were a record of my life, the little tidbits that years later you will have forgotten, replaced by the pressing concerns of today, not the memories of yesterday.

With the advent of Facebook, and it’s wonderfully customizable personal information filters and security, and with the sale of my very first short story, it was time. So welcome to the new and improved Digilutionary. I hope it’s every bit as stimulating and interesting as the last.

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